Hillary Clinton is the Wall Street Fracking Queen

The Wall Street Fracking Queen (#WSFQ), Hillary Clinton, is in many ways more dangerous than the Trump Monster because she will destroy the movement awakened by the Bernie Sanders candidacy whereas the Trump Monster would stoke a fire under it. WSFQ will zap all the energy out of the movement that has been awoken by the Bernie Sanders campaign and it will be at least 8 years until we would get another crack a getting a more liberal candidate in office again and this would result in a large windfall for the Republican Party. Sure there will be some lip service to continuing the movement, but it will essentially be DOA if the WSFQ takes over the White House. The Republicans will gain even more power in the US Senate and the US House of Congress. I for one, was still licking my wounds from the 2008 Obama letdown, which delayed my starting up with the Sanders campaign. Hillary Clinton is the Wall Street Fracking Queen!

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised –Bernie Sanders 2016… The best campaign bumper sticker I seen to date. It says so much about what is going on.

Mother Earth does not have time for 8 years of Fracking Queen politics and if you don’t think that the oil industry and Wall Street control the WSFQ then just consider that the CFO of her campaign is an 18 year Goldman Sachs executive… the same one that shielded all of his Wall Street buddies from any real consequences after the 2008 crash, i.e. Gary Gensler. Wall Street calls him the “fierce regulator”, but he was really the ‘Wall Street get out of jail free card’ and he is now one of WSFQ’s top advisors. The Wall Street Fracking Queen was the #1 sales person of fracking technology to the World. #WallStreetFrackingQueen #WSFQ

The worse case scenario for the movement’s progression is WSFQ, because her candidacy will zap all of the energy out of it. The Trump Monster will be bad news, but at least he will have an energizing effect on the movement. You and I may both not like the Trump answer, but you know that what I am saying here is true…even if it SUCKS!

The only answer to this problem is for Bernie Sanders to become the nominee and if he doesn’t become the nominee he needs to team up with Jill Stein and just let the DNC be crushed by the fat cats that are sitting on top of it. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for WSFQ and is a vote to either kill the progressive movement or for the Trump Monster and both scenarios SUCK! There is absolutely no strategic reason to vote for HC during the primaries. It is therefore very important that you get out and vote for Bernie Sanders during the primary even if there is no chance he can actually win the pledged vote.
#FeelTheBern #Sanders2016 #SandersOrBust

Hillary Clinton -- Wall Street Fracking Queen

Here are the 3 scenarios:

  1. Bernie Sanders is on the November ballot. Voters will show up in droves to vote and progressive candidates will win up and down the voter slate. If Bernie Sanders is on the ballot in a majority of the States HE WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER regardless of which party affiliation is next to his name. The progressive movement would become much stronger and progressives would gain control of the House and Senate. Progressive politics would get a HUGE boost Worldwide. This is the only sane scenario.
  2. Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot and WSFQ wins in November. WSFQ’s appointments would be very, very telling: Goldman Sachs would continue to run Wall Street, Monsanto would continue to run the FDA, a few bones would be thrown to the Black Lives Matter movement, but there wouldn’t be any meat on those bones, fracking would become the environmental answer to the Planet’s demise, the war on Islam would continue, we could potentially go to war with Iran, the War of Drugs would be big business as usual and it would be 8+ years before the movement gets back on track. This is the worst case scenario.
  3. Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot and Donald Trump wins. The Trump Monster would have a very hard time getting anything done, since no one would truly have his back. The United States loses the respect of leaders everywhere, but the progressive movement is energized and Elizabeth Warren would win the White House in 2020.

Participation required: Phonebank NOW if you want Bernie Sanders as your next President!

Are you pro fracking or do you believe we should get serious about fighting global warming? Do you believe in the apartheid take what you want policies of the Israeli occupied territories or are you pro peace between Palestine and Israel? Do you believe in trickle down economics or do you believe we should work towards a slightly more equitable system where wealthy individuals and companies pay their fair share instead of evading taxes via shell corporations in Panama? Do you believe in the War on Drugs and throw away the key policing or do you believe that black lives matter? Do you believe that what someone says is more important than what someone does or do you believe that integrity is important?

These are some of the key differences between a Hillary Clinton and a Bernie Sanders Presidency and NOW is your time to be heard on these issues. After the primaries are over it will be too late. The winner takes all and the stakes could not be higher!

Feeling powerless? It is a self fulfilling prophecy and if you do nothing than Hillary Clinton, the Trump monster or Doctor Strangelove Cruz will become our next President. Complaining after the election about the choice other people made for you is pointless. Not voting means you voted for whomever the winner is. Now is your chance to participate in the election process and to let your voice be heard loud and clear. In fact, participation is the best way to be heard and your voice counts many, many times during the primary than it does during the main election in November. This is a historic moment and you can be a part of it. In fact, participation is required if you want to make a difference. Phonebank NOW if you want Bernie Sanders as your next President or forever hold your peace!

If you think you do not have any power to change the World, then you are right, because it is a self fulfilling prophecy! What you do in the next few weeks will determine the kind of World we will live in for the next 10+ years, so if you want to make a differance go to http://map.berniesanders.com/ now and sign up for a phonebank event near you. Tomorrow and Monday are CRITICAL so take this amazing opportunity and help make a difference and get Bernie Sanders into the White House!

These are just a few of the glaring differences between HC and Bernie Sanders and this is the choice before us now. Participation required NOW if you want Bernie Sanders as your President! You can stand back and let CNN, the CATO Institute and the DNC decide for you or you can reach out and help make common sense prevail. Commit to phonebanking for at least a few hours between now and the Tuesday primary in New York if you want to make a difference!

Here is what the USA will look like less than 100 years from now if we do nothing and a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for doing nothing on this issue!

Global Warming means no more East Coast of Florida!

Superdelegate Coup Hoax

The superdelegate coup is a hoax put on by the DNC and the corporate media establishment with the goal of demoralizing the Bernie Sander supporters in an effort to discourage them from getting out the vote during the Democratic State primaries.

In 2008 the DNC and the corporate media establishment did not want Barack Obama to win at this point in the election cycle either and they were playing the same game. Then during the Democratic Convention the superdelegates followed the pledged delegates and got behind the popular selection established by the Democratic State primaries.

The fact remains, however that if the superdelegates where to overturn the popular vote in July during the Democratic convention, the Democratic Party would have a REAL PROBLEM! And the problem would not just affect the presidential race. Democrats at every level would be severely hurt by such a moronic, self destructive move. The Democratic Party would be severely damaged going into the general election and Jill Stein of the Green Party would be the likely beneficiary, getting 3-5% of the vote; probably enough to ensure a Republican win.

Primary Math Sans Superdelegate Coup Hoax

As of Monday, March 7, 2016 the primary math to a Bernie Sanders win is pretty simple. At this time Bernie Sanders has 480 pledged delegates to 675 for Hillary Clinton. That is a difference of 195 pledged delegates. Of the 4051 total available pledge delegates 1155 have been assigned to date so there are 2896 left to pledge in the remaining primaries. 195 is 6.7% of 2896 so if Bernie Sanders wins the remaining states by an average of 6.8% or better he will be the nominee.

If there is a tie the unpledged delegates will clearly go for Hillary Clinton.

Another way to state this is if Bernie Sanders ties Hillary Clinton on average during all the remaining states and wins California by 41 points, Bernie Sanders wins the primary election. The article Bernie’s Narrow Path to Victory: a Statistical Analysis has a more nuanced State by State analysis of a path to a Bernie Sanders Democratic Primary win sans the superdelegate hoax.

Debunk the Superdelegate Coup Hoax--Bernie’s Narrow Path to Victory: a Statistical Analysis
Counter Punch: Bernie’s Narrow Path to Victory: a Statistical Analysis

Superdelegate Coup Realness

Currently the DNC and the corporate media are using the unpledged delegates to discourage the Bernie Sanders supporters from getting out the vote. It is pretty clear, however that if Bernie Sanders ends up winning the pledge delegate race the unpledged delegates will need to back Bernie Sanders or the Democratic Party will self destruct the 2016 election. Overthrowing the popular primary vote would not only hurt the presidential race, but it would filter down to every Democrat in the running, so the convention floor will not let that happen, just like they didn’t in 2008.


My Open Letter To Bernie Sanders

Dear President Elect (projected) Bernie Sanders,

I deeply admire your commitment to running a positive campaign and it is very important, but pointing out facts is not running a negative campaign, even if the facts are negative. Pointing out the facts is in fact necessary so that you don’t by association become a party to those facts. I agreed with you on “enough about those damn emails”, but the Clinton/Wall Street/Goldman Sachs/Gary Gensler/etc./etc. connection needs to be stated by you to counter her remarks during a debate or any other open attack. You simply need to answer the question, point out her lies and state what the actual truth is.

Not doing so is a disservice to all of us and here is why: First off, the Republicans will bring these things up and will win the election if the actual facts are not discussed before the end of the primaries, because it will result in the abstentionist staying home in November. This will give all three (actually 4 since the courts are now making laws) branches of government to the Republicans. Second, it’s the truth about her politics. Third: Black Lives Matter needs to hear these things from you.

Here is an example from TruthDig:
Truthdig.com: Bernie Blew It He Sold Out Instead Of Confronting Clinton 2015-10-16

Finally, we need to finish the primary as soon as we can so we can start to focus on the House and the Senate seats. Without a major overhaul your first two years will be hell, obviously. Once the primaries are over, mobilizing the Bernie Sanders movement towards the House and the Senate will be critical to the overall success of the movement itself. Everyone needs to have a fire lit under their resp. … to get to the polls in November.

The ace in the hole that you have over Obama is that you will keep saying the same things just as loudly as you are now once you are in office and your movement will continue to grow until eventually, some sanity is restored…

Let me put in a strong vote for Elizabeth Warren as your VP because it will take 16 years to unwind Wall Street, Health Care as well as our disastrous foreign policies.

On foreign policy…I think Bush started a 100 year war, so I do not envy you inheriting that. It’s the saddest thing. Syria is more akin to Rwanda than Iraq, although it is clearly a consequence of our intervention in Iraq so we have a lot of responsibility. We should be the ones taking in millions of refugees.

I have been waiting for this since Jimmy Carter’s Presidency was overthrown by the Bush Machine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Paul de Jong