Russia and China Unite

This may very well big Trump’s biggest contribution to the U.S. economy. I’ve written about this before, but now it is getting real.

President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are forming their own economic union and this is one battle the United States is going to lose. Xi Jinping id’s a long term strategic thinker. China is funding large infrastructure projects around the globe, which both creates loyalty and establishes the yen as a world currency. Russia needs help modernizing it’s agriculture business. China needs resources. Russia has resources. China and Russia both want to work with the West, but to think that they med the West is a big mistake. Huawei has already said they are close to having their own Android OS replacement and Xi Jinping had said China will make replacing their dependency on Intel and Qualcomm chips a priority. Pretty soon all laptops, cellphone, routers and thou name it devices will have all Chinese tech in them. If I owned Intel or Qualcomm stocks i would sell them now. The world outs about yup change a lot.