NPR Red-bating Medicare For All, Bernie Sanders and AOC

NPR Red-bating Medicare For All, Bernie Sanders and AOC

Divide and conquer is the new strategy against Bernie Sanders and now apparently AOC. In this report NPR tries to say that there were a lot of good programs implemented in the past like Social Security, the highway system, immunization programs, but then says that healthcare for all is a corporate takeover of the healthcare system. Then they claim that Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are socialist and that the other democratic candidates just want to fix capitalism. Both of these statements are deceptive outright lies.

First of all, medicare for all is not a government takeover of the healthcare industry at all. The only thing the government is doing is acting as the insurer, so they could have said that it is a government takeover of the health insurance industry and they would have been more accurate. But that is not what they said. They know the difference, so they are in fact being deceptive liars.

Second they claim the Sanders and Ocasio Cortez are socialist, while implying the government takeover, anti-capitalist kind of Socialist and that is simply not true. Neither Sanders or AOC is advocating an end to Capitalism. What they are advocating for is fairness and in the areas where capitalism doesn’t really work. I hate to point this out to Mara Liasson and those “Capitalist” at NPR, but the prison system is entirely paid for by government funds, so wanting to reform it is not anti-capitalistic. The prison system is per definition socialistic and the profit taken from it is corporate socialism.

The other twist to this reporting is that they are clearly trying to undermine Medicare For All as a Venezuela style takeover of American hospitals.

NPR is smart and they know what they are saying. These misleading statements are not accidental.