Elizabeth Warren is a diet Bernie Sanders

My favorite Mike Figueredo quote from this video is, “Elizabeth Warren is a diet Bernie Sanders.” That pretty much sums up how I feel about Elizabeth Warren. I like her and I would be 100% on board with her campaign if she gets the nomination, but I really do not see that happening. She is good, but I do not see her filling stadiums like Bernie Sanders does. She does not have anywhere near the ground game that it would take to win. Yes, it is still early, so things could change, but I don’t see it happening.

The other issues Mike brings up are also important to consider. Elizabeth Warren sidesteps major issues like Medicare for all. She makes some good policy proposals, but they are very much in line with Bernie’s proposals. Warren talks about reparations, but her proposal is exactly the same as the one Bernie Sanders has been repeating since 2015. As a Senator she stood with the pharmaceutical industry when she shouldn’t have, which is a very troubling omen.

I understand AOC not wanting to endorse anyone yet at this time, because it is important for us to hear out all of the viable candidates during the debates. We should not anoint a candidate, even if it is pretty clear who the front runner is.

The one thing we need to avoid is the hostile feelings between the Progressive candidates. Candidates and their campaigns should absolutely talk about each others records, but anyone who goes negative should be dropped like a hot potato… but that is another post.

Come this November, once we have had a majority of the debates and each candidate has had time to build their ground game we should really start to think about consolidating however. I would be very disappointed if AOC does not endorse the progressive front runner at that time, because the mainstream media conspiracy is real and they will have their darling candidate AND they will try to play us claiming their darling is the only viable candidate… just as they did in 2016. (Although one could say their darling was really Trump all along, but that’s another story.)

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