Does China need the USA?

Does China need the USA? In the short term, maybe, but in the long term definitely not. With Trumps sanctions Chinese companies are going to be forced to make there own resources, both material and intellectual. Currently Chinese products use US technologies like Google Android and Google Maps, but my guess is they could replace those in two years tops. China relies on US chip manufacturers, but they are not that far behind and with one or two good hires and a few smart students they could easily leapfrog the USA in a relatively short time frame. China has all the infrastructure to quickly adapt or implement any advanced manufacturing capability, so all they really need is the design and if we push them, they will figure that out. Our patent law can’t stop them once they decide to go it on their own. We are not a sacred cow and we are well on the way to becoming more of the meat variety if we don’t get our act together.

Why does the rest of the World even need the US? There is only one real reason and that is because we helped them after WWII with the Marshal Plan, but as we move further and further away from being helpful to a selfish bunch of corporate robber barons and military buffoons who want to wage wars for the sake of stealing resources, the rest of the World will trust us less and less. They work with us because they want to, not because they have to. Can you imagine if China just cut the US off from any goods manufactured in China? Who would that hurt more, the US or China?

In the meanwhile, China is running big infrastructure programs around the World. As they do this, not only are they spreading their sphere of political and economic influence, but also their sphere of monetary influence. Once they decide enough is enough all they need to do is form a strategic alliance with Russia. Once they do that, they will have the largest supply of natural resources, a combined nuclear arsenal that rivals that of the USA and more technological capabilities and production capacity than the USA by far. They really do not need us and think of how much better off the Russian people would be if the Yen tied itself to the Ruble instead of the dollar. And half of Europe is already on China’s side with both Greece and Italy heading in that direction. If you do not think that can happen, then follow this thread and think again:

So what should the US do? Its simple really: play fair and be nice! One big step in that direction would be to elect Bernie Sanders in 2020. First off, Bernie Sanders is NOT an isolationist. He wants to tackle this issue from both sides, workers rights and fair trade. Contrary to what the mainstream press would have you believe, Bernie Sanders is against sanctions. His policies statements are about the rights of the workers on both sides of the agreement and the environment. We can not let the corporations write those agreements. They can and should have a seat at the table, but the people, their governments as well as the environment need to be at the table and leading the discussion.

The US also needs to rebuild its American manufacturing abilities. This is not something that will happen over night but if we want to be a stable long-term economy we need to get back to being able to support ourselves instead of relying on China to make everything for us. We need a healthy jobs program that rebuilds our infrastructure and we need to rekindle the trade schools so we teach they youth all kinds of skills, not just business, law and finance. This may seem Utopian, but that is just because we elected Donald Trump instead of Bernie Sanders in 2016! Let’s not make that mistake again! We really can do it all, we just need the will. And this is not “socialism” as the media would have you believe. It is more of a sane form of capitalism based on Modern Monetary Theory and a Social Democratic form of Government than the pie in the sky Neoliberal privatization based on Reaganomics (aka Voodoo Economics) that has been the dark misguided “greed is good” path we have been heading down since 1980. Economic incentive is good, but greed is a bridge too far and reasonable restraints on the extremes of both ends of the economy need to be in place. There needs to be an economic floor and our tax system needs to be progressive rather than the regressive system we have now.