Bernie Sanders Stands for Black Live

The sad fact is that the mainstream press wants to take every thing Bernie Sanders says out of context. Bernie Sanders stands for black lives and civil rights and he has done so consistently his entire life. During the She The People Presidential Forum he spells out his agenda pretty clearly, but there are clearly some hostile people in the audience who are being very disruptive and rude. As one of the hosts acknowledges, the crowd predominantly supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and it is telling that the loudest applause line was when Bernie pledged to support any of the democratic nominees during the general election. (As he did last time, but as a result of some very disingenuous and unappreciative remarks from Hillary Clinton you would never know that… case and point

First of all, one of the things to understand is that the centrist Democrats have been holding what to do about the Bernie Sanders problem meetings, so they are looking for malicious ways to undermine his campaign.

In 2016 Bernie Sanders rarely mentioned his past and many of his supporters told him that he should absolutely do that, because it is a story worth telling. Way back when and long before it was cool, Bernie Sanders was protesting discriminatory housing policies and segregation. Bernie literally helped lead the first known sit-in in at the University of Chicago, where 33 students camped outside of the President’s office — protesting segregating housing on campus and he is still fighting that fight today. While Hillary Clinton was campaigning for Berry Goldwater and Joe Biden was siding with conservatives and sponsoring a major anti-busing amendments, Bernie Sanders was staging sit-ins, fighting discrimination and yes, going to the MLK March on Washington.

As Mayor of Burlington Vermont he fought for social and racial justice. As a Congressmen and Senator you can listen to speech after speech. People argue that his voting record isn’t perfect, and there are blemishes. But time and time again if you look at those votes more closely, Bernie Sanders has always clarified his reasoning for his decision. Bernie Sanders is by far the most consistently Progressive candidate of any of the candidates running for President in 2020.

So why did the group of middle age black women boo Bernie Sanders for talking about his long term commitment to racial inequality. One factor is probably the biased and completely disingenuous media coverage that tried to equate the Sanders supporters refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and to some how claim that that was Bernie Sander’s doing. The Sanders supporters know how hard Bernie tried to get his supporters to back Hillary Clinton but he even got booed by his own supporters for supporting her the way he did.

There is also a current claim that Bernie Sanders refuses to address reparations, but that is also false. When asked on CNN Bernie Sanders said “there are candidates talking about reparations, but they do not have a plan. Show me their plan. You can’t because they do not have one.” He says this because those other candidates are being disingenuous and Bernie Sanders simply does not lie. He is honest, almost to a fault. Then Bernie Sanders says, “well I do have a plan and here is what it is..”

The thing is, unlike those other candidates who are giving empty promises, Bernie Sanders 100% means what he says and he has been and will fight for each of these policies. Bernie Sanders has come out and said that he is against cash payments, probably because he thinks an ongoing $50k per year job is better than a one time $50k deposit. And as he said in 2016, the fight to get that ($3 trillion) is just not possible without major changes first so he said “it ain’t gonna happen.”

Bernie specifically says that he plans to target these income inequality programs on distressed communities.

In this CNN interview Wolf Blitzer listens to what Bernie says, that quotes Elizabeth Warren saying the exact same thing that Bernie just said and then acts like they are saying different things.

Then Julian Castro tries to equate the need for an ongoing benefit like Universal Healthcare, education and jobs with a one time payment in such a smug way as if he can just pull them all out of his behind without a fight. That is fine for him to say, because he knows he is not a serious contender and therefore has no honest intentions of fulfilling those promises. Whereas Bernie Sanders said that it is something that he just would not be able to get done, knowing that he would have to pick one or the other choosing his battles and he chooses the ongoing benefit with arguably the greater good, free healthcare.

What Bernie Sanders said in 2016 is that there is no way to get reparations through the House and the Senate in its current form and that trying to push for it is divisive, “it ain’t gonna happen”. He basically implied that he thinks he can get a lot of his programs to go through, but starting with reparations would make everything else much harder to get. He could lie about his intent like Julian Castro does, but Bernie just isn’t a liar.