Tulsi Gabbard Evolving Progressive?

I have been a fan of Tulsi Gabbard and I still am, but I don’t think we will really know where she stands until she actually has been President for a while. She has shown good signs and done some great things, like standing up against regime change wars and she stood up at Standing Rock and I personally think that is who she has evolved into. But will she be against the Military Industrial Complex? I think she will, but that is where I think the main skepticism regarding her lies.

I have friends who are a lot more skeptical about her and there point is that it is pretty much impossible to really know where Tulsi Gabbard really stands given her background and a few of the other issues Kyle brings up in this video. From what I have seen over the past 3.5 years since I have started following her is that, besides Bernie Sanders, she seems to be the strongest in character of any of the 2020 Democratic primary candidates. I have not seen signs of her being influenced by money. She definitely does not just tote the party line. But her background is troubling. Kyle Kulinski does a great job in this video. He lays out the good AND the bad and I really appreciate his honest assessments of her record.

Is Tulsi Gabbard evolving? I really want to believe she is… She is young, so the best of all worlds may very well be what should have happened in 2016 with Bernie Sanders as President and Tulsi Gabbard as Vice President. Then, if her foreign policy seems good, Tulsi Gabbard and AOC in 2028! (We need a long term plan… and this seems like a good plan to me, but again, it really depend on who the real Tulsi Gabbard is and it is really hard to tell right now. She seems amazing, but then so did Obama before he appointed Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury.)

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