PBS’s Revenge

The PBS Frontline special, “Putin’s Revenge” really pisses me off. They act like the collusion between the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign was Putin’s doing. Then they claim that the reason the Bernie Sanders supporters protested at the Democratic Convention was because of Wikileaks. Sorry PBS, we were talking about it WAY before Wikileaks released those emails. I could easily show you over 1000 YouTube videos, articles and blog posts that all predate any of the Wikileaks email releases.

So where does that leave your thesis? Oh, you are really just still pissed off that your candidate couldn’t even win against a candidate with the mental fortitude and complexion of an orangutan?

Can you imagine how different things would be now if you (PBS) would have treated the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Sanders supporters fairly during the Democratic primaries? Here is my take on that topic. Where are all the PBS specials on the Democratic primary and the corruption that defined the Hillary Clinton campaign? Here is my blog post from February 2016.

How about a special on the DNC voter purges just before the New Your primary! If you want to real reason Hillary Clinton lost in November, I think you need to consider the consequences of actions like that!