The Russia Blame Game

Hillary Clinton, grappling for people to blame for her loss plays the Russia Blame Game! Quote: “All 17 intelligence agencies agree that the Russians hacked the DNC servers”. All 17 agencies? Oh yeah? Really? That should be an instant red flag, so why has the mainstream media been so gung ho about the story? I seriously doubt that the coast guard investigated the web traffic going in and out of the DNC email server! Come on. Really? If you believe that than I have an entire country for you to bomb! Oh, that was last time… how about a cold war to start! That’s it. Imagine the money we could spend!

Then there is the little fact that none of the intelligence agencies has actually presented any proof.

And then, why would the DNC let the FBI or any of the 16 other intelligence agencies examine their private server anyway? You know, why spoil a good narrative?

Oh, and files get timestamps when they are downloaded that one can use to derive the download speed from. It turns out that that was one screaming download connection, kinda similar to a good USB memory stick.

But wait! Doesn’t the the NSA monitored traffic in and out of Russia and Romania pretty closely? Oh, so they must have been close by… like close enough to stick a USB stick in the computer? But wait… that’s cheating! Isn’t it called an inside job if they are inside the building? Or maybe they put on plummer’s suits and walked in. Yeah, I think I have seen them do that on TV!

Oh but there is more. During Obama’s last press conference as president he gave the official statements on the DNC e-mail question. From Obama’s legacy minded mouth three days before leaving office: “The conclusions of the intelligence community with respect to the Russian hacking, were not conclusive.” But I’m sure none of the seventeen intelligence agencies trusted Obama anyway. I mean, who was he and how we he know. Rachel Maddow… now there is a real source of some real intelligence for you. Just think of all the Russian planes we could shoot down if we did a no fly zone!

The Nation Magazine exposes the Russia Blame Game for what it is!