Trump is a Symptom not the Problem

To be clear, Donald Trump as President of the United States of America is a HUGE problem, but President Trump is a symptom of the problem not the underlying disease that caused the problem.

Think about this comparison: Death is a symptom of cancer. Death did not cause the death, the cancer caused the death. Similarly, Donald Trump did not cause the Donald Trump Presidency. Our diseased political system did. Saying that Trump actually won because our system is functioning perfectly is a delusional fallacy, that is unfortunately rearing its ugly head all over the country and around the World. The incident in Charlottesville, VA is a very ugly and unfortunate example of that.

So what is the disease? That is a very good and complicated question, but there are definite answers. One of the route causes was championed by Ronald Reagan and it is encapsulated in his famous quote “Government can not solve the problem, Government IS the problem!” That is, of course, a self fulfilling prophecy when it comes out of the mouth of the POTUS. And in a way, he was right, voter apathy is the problem that allows people like him to take over. Al Gore would have won if a few more people would have come out to vote on November 7, 2000. Yes, they can sway an election, as they did, but only if the margins are narrow. We need to overwhelm them. (I’m not saying Gore would have been great, but he would have been WAY better than Bush Jr!)

Austerity for the poor and welfare for the rich is another symptom of the disease. The Wall Street banker who orchestrated the biggest heist in history, where only able to do it because of the cancerous lesion named Alan Greenspan. See my post Financial Fraud Breakdown for more details on that!

OK, so we are at stage 3, what can we do!

Remember, don’t feed the Trump Troll! Instead of marching on the street where we can be zillowed and discounted, let’s all work together and get all the Progressive candidates who are taking up the Bernie Sanders challenge in office. Here are at few:

The bottom line is that if you do not like Donald Trump and you don’t consider him your POTUS, then you need to do something about it. Protesting is great, but protesting alone is not sufficient. Bernie Sanders put out the challenge at the end of his 2016 primary and these amazing, progressive individuals are taking up the challenge. Your job is to make sure they win in 2018. Trump is a Symptom of our sick, diseased political system. He is a problem, but not the Problem we need to focus on. We need to focus on the disease, not the symptoms and voter apathy is the disease. Don’t believe me? Stay home in 2018 and 2020 and see who wins!

Donald Trump is a Symptom of our sick, diseased political system. Voter Apathy is the disease. Brand New Congress and The Justice Democrats are the cure. Volunteer and donate to these candidates now. Don’t wait for someone else to fix it. It really is up to you!