Paul Krugman Hypocrisy!

During the 2016 campaign, Paul Krugman relentlessly attacked Bernie Sanders and his supporters making all kinds of ludicrous claims. He even famously coined the “Bernie Bro” phrase that became so popular amongst the Clinton supporters. Here is his hit piece Sanders Over the Edge which is chalcked full of false claims.

That NYT article is actually hardly worth reading, but the this Huffington Post article is much more interesting. It quotes a number of rebuttals. I particularly like this one from a Reddit user called Rybaker:
“This is incredible. This hit job comes days after the “Bernie doesn’t know how to break up banks” myth was debunked by New York Times (his own publication) and he is still clinging to the narrative(1). All the while he is exactly defending the big banks as if they were innocent victims of the mortgage lenders. Let’s not count any of the credit default swaps nor defrauding the rating agencies that was done by the major Wall Street players. Then, now, after FactCheck revisited and qualified the statement that Hillary taking money from fossil fuel industry lobbyists was correct he still wants to harp on that as if it was untrue (2). He, as a supposed journalist, still wants to use Bernie Bro to insinuate that Sanders is sexist. Which by the way, the media seems to be very lax on calling out the “HillaryBros” (3). So all of this together is supposed to paint Sanders as a person with character and value issues? Give me a break. Hopefully New York Times’s readership can see through the blatant hatchet job.” (1) (2) (3)

Yet this video from April 2014 shows that he actually does understand what is going on. I start the video at 6:59 where the he hake the point…

After watching this video you would think Paul Krugman would have, at the very least, have been fair towards Bernie Sanders. The third point is actually a screenshot pointing out that Paul Krugman made similar attacks against Barack Obama in 2007. This is the reason I will never support the New York Times.