Reform the Democratic Party NOW!

Force the Democratic Party to listen to Progressives while helping to build momentum and enthusiasm for the 2018 election the similar to how the Tea Party controls the Republican Party. Reform the Democratic Party NOW!

The new party would only run candidates against non-progressive candidates and it would prefer to endorse Progressive Democrats in 2018. In 2020 it would only run a Presidential candidate if there is no suitable Progressive candidate or if the DNC locks us out of the Primaries.

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Open letter to Senator Bernie Sanders:

Dear Honorable Senator Sanders,

I hear your talks about how people dropping out because they are discouraged is not OK. The problem with that argument is that it is out of sync with the reality of the situation and we need to keep the conversation in the realms of reality right now. The reality is that the ongoing behaviour of the Democratic Party will hand the Republican Party a supermajority in 2018 and Trump a second term in 2020 if we don’t do something about it! We need to reform the Democratic Party NOW!

I know you know this is true and this letter means to offer to you what I think the only short term solution is to this problem. The problem can be solved in other ways, but the way I see it is that any other way of solving this will take a lot longer and we really do not have that much time.

There are a lot of people looking to you for leadership, but as was made painfully clear back in November, many of them will only follow you if they believe in what you are working towards. We are not blind followers and the current self serving Democratic Bankers Party is not something the people can believe in. Therefore there is a very good chance the Democrats will lose big again in 2018 if we don’t take drastic measures right now and we desperately need you to take a different direction now, while we still have a chance to succeed in 2018 and 2020.

I do not need to explain the numbers to you and both you and I know that if you take California out of the equation than Donald Trump won the popular vote in 2016. If you take the West Coast and the North East Coasts out of the equation, then Donald Trump heavily dominates over the Democratic Party.

The maps would look drastically different if you are in control of the party and the only way to get Middle America back is if you take over the leadership of the party. The problem is that those coasts are already relatively under Democratic Party control and nationwide, Trump is more popular than it looks like to the people in those regions. ( Compounding this is the fact that there are 3x as many Democratic Senate seats up for reelection in 2018 than Republican seats. This combined with the damping effects on enthusiasm caused by the continual arrogance and game playing of the Democratic Bankers Party (i.e. the contingent of the Democratic Party that is in bed with the banks).

Furthermore, every time the Democratic Party does something like the reappointment of Ben Ray Luján to head the DCCC and pushing through Tom Perez to chair the DNC despite the obvious majority support for Keith Ellison, they are frustrating more and more of their base and thereby helping Trump and his agenda. It wasn’t just the Presidency that was lost as a result of the corruption that occurred during the 2016 Primary, the entire Democratic Party took a major hit as a result and that trend will continue as long as the Democratic Party continues behaving like a Democratic Bankers Party.

That is all in the past now and we need to move forward. The only reasonably short term solution I see is you joining the “Draft Bernie” movement and using that third party as a leverage against the Democratic Party in much the same way the Tea Party pushes the Republican Party to adopt the Koch Brothers agenda. The third party would then be able to endorse candidates regardless of party affiliation as well as running candidates of its own. Pro banker Democrats will be able to be replaced while progressive Democrats positions will be strengthened.

I think this is the only way to force the Democratic Party’s hand in a reasonable time frame. It is also the only way I see you reactivating your base back to the levels they were at during your campaign. Then in 2018, you will be able to say who stays and who goes simply by the nature of who you endorse in 2018. The entire Democratic Party will benefit greatly from this process. Then after 2018 you will be able to decide if you want the third party to endorse a Democrat or if it should run it’s own Presidential candidate.

Then, moving forward, new leadership will arise and the third party will serve as an ongoing check against the bankers taking over the Democratic Party in much the same way the Tea Party continuously influences the Republican Party with their Koch Brothers fueled agenda.

If the Democratic Party wants to play along, this new third party will be more of a way for controlling the Democratic Party than a party that actually runs candidates. Candidates would typically run as Democrats in much the same way Tea Party candidates run as Republicans. If they don’t then the new Third Party would emerge as the predominant party in lieu of the Democratic Party.

If you do not do this now and the Republicans gain seats in 2018, then even if a Democrat wins in 2020, they will be so constrained that will take years to recover. We can minimize the damage now, but that can not happen in the short term without your help.

Please carefully consider this plea and if you want to test the waters, just slip out a little message in one of your interviews mentioning that you would consider joining the Draft Bernie movement if it raised at least $20M in small contribution pledges or something like that. Then we will have a goal to meet you with.