Real “Fake News” or Propaganda Press?

Is there a lot of fake news? Undoubtedly, but the “Fake News” story being parroted by all the mainstream media outlets these past few weeks is a fake story designed to squash any Real News dissent to the Big 5 Propaganda Press’s narrative. It’s a propaganda ploy against the Internet based free press movement by the billionaire controlled mainstream press.

The Big 5 Propaganda Press or #Big5PP

The disconnect between the people who got their news from online sources and the mainstream media during the primary season was profound and I think the cause is pretty obvious: The Telecommunication Act of 1996, which allowed all of the major news outlets to get bought up and controlled by just five corporations.

National Amusement owns Viacom and CBS and GE sold their media holdings to Comcast, so the Big 5 are: Comcast, Walt Disney, Time Warner, 21th Century Fox and National Amusements. Beyond the big 5, buying and controlling news has become a kind of sport amongst billionaires leaving almost no free press in the United States beyond the online free press, so the assault on fake news is really a ploy to squash any dissent to the Big 5 Propaganda Press.

Bernie Sanders Who?

The BIG story of the 2016 primary season should have been the giant crowds attending the Bernie Sanders rallies. Bernie Sanders consistently drew the largest crowds of any of the candidates and he could have filled any stadium in any city in the United States, while Hillary Clinton had a hard time filling a high school gym. Bernie Sanders consistently drew larger crowds than Donald Trump.

Sure there are other causes for us having President Donald Trump instead of the true popular choice, Bernie Sanders, but it is hard to argue that the availability of information isn’t absolutely critical to a fair democracy. The fake news filters need to be stopped right now before we destroy the main source of real news that is becoming more and more important as the big five media corporations dig in deeper and deeper with an ever more subtle and dangerous agenda.

The Big 5 Propaganda Press media outlets seem to have forgotten that the news during the 2015-6 primaries was Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Hillary, Hillary. “When is Joe Biden going to enter the race???” The news was weighted 32 to 200 times in favor of Donald Trump over Bernie Sanders coverage and it turns out that that was at the request of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Big 5 Propaganda Press showed their hand during the 2016 presidential primaries and we can not afford to forget that fact!

The DNC even colluded with the Clinton campaign to limit the debates just to make sure that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be heard and yet, lots of people got the message anyway!

Russia Did It!

FAKE news is a FAKE story that needs to be fought as if our lives depend on it. The real agenda is to squash the REAL news that comes from the Internet based free press. Sure there are some fake news sites, but this is a very slippery slope and amounts to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The so called fake news is our last hope for getting real news.

The people telling Google and Facebook to filter so called fake news are the big five media conglomerates that don’t want people to find out the “REAL” news regarding little issues like Hillary vs Bernie. What they want us to believe is that the only “real” news comes from them, the PROPAGANDA arm of the Oligarchy who own the big 5 news conglomerates. They want to filter out the so called fake news so they can control the message again.

Blackouts Work!

I contend that the main difference between the people who supported Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders in the primary depended mostly on what their news source was. The people who understood that the person who helped Bill Clinton push the Commodity Futures Modernization Act down our throats and kept his Wall Street Friends out of jail under Barack Obama as chairman of the CFTC, was the CFO of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Or how about the real news regarding the election fraud committed by the DNC during the primaries. We even learned that a CNN reporter gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions before a debate.

I could go on and on, but did the New York Times, CNN or MSNBC say anything about these real news stories? I think not. There were at least 50 real stories like these about Hillary Clinton that we learned about from independent podcasts, YouTube news channels and blogs, but the Big 5 Propaganda Press avoided almost all of them. What the Big 5 Propaganda Press did focus on, however were a few narratives that I’m sure they thought they could easily topple like a giant straw man. Even Bernie Sanders said “I’m tired of hearing about those damn emails.”

Then after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election they tried to blame the loss of their darling candidate on everyone and everything, except for Hillary Clinton and their Trump, Trump, Trump coverage. They tried to blame it on fake news, even though they themselves made up story after story, calling Bernie Sanders a single issue candidate, blaming him for running a negative campaign and even implying that he was a racist candidate.

We can not let Google and Facebook become party to the PROPAGANDA chain of news title. Too many people depend on them for the REAL news, the important things that matter!

Mainstream Clintonian Press Selling us President Donald Trump #Big5PP #FakeNews #PropagandaPress
Mainstream Press Selling us President Donald Trump #Big5PP #FakeNews #PropagandaPress

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