My Open Letter To Bernie Sanders

Dear President Elect (projected) Bernie Sanders,

I deeply admire your commitment to running a positive campaign and it is very important, but pointing out facts is not running a negative campaign, even if the facts are negative. Pointing out the facts is in fact necessary so that you don’t by association become a party to those facts. I agreed with you on “enough about those damn emails”, but the Clinton/Wall Street/Goldman Sachs/Gary Gensler/etc./etc. connection needs to be stated by you to counter her remarks during a debate or any other open attack. You simply need to answer the question, point out her lies and state what the actual truth is.

Not doing so is a disservice to all of us and here is why: First off, the Republicans will bring these things up and will win the election if the actual facts are not discussed before the end of the primaries, because it will result in the abstentionist staying home in November. This will give all three (actually 4 since the courts are now making laws) branches of government to the Republicans. Second, it’s the truth about her politics. Third: Black Lives Matter needs to hear these things from you.

Here is an example from TruthDig: Bernie Blew It He Sold Out Instead Of Confronting Clinton 2015-10-16

Finally, we need to finish the primary as soon as we can so we can start to focus on the House and the Senate seats. Without a major overhaul your first two years will be hell, obviously. Once the primaries are over, mobilizing the Bernie Sanders movement towards the House and the Senate will be critical to the overall success of the movement itself. Everyone needs to have a fire lit under their resp. … to get to the polls in November.

The ace in the hole that you have over Obama is that you will keep saying the same things just as loudly as you are now once you are in office and your movement will continue to grow until eventually, some sanity is restored…

Let me put in a strong vote for Elizabeth Warren as your VP because it will take 16 years to unwind Wall Street, Health Care as well as our disastrous foreign policies.

On foreign policy…I think Bush started a 100 year war, so I do not envy you inheriting that. It’s the saddest thing. Syria is more akin to Rwanda than Iraq, although it is clearly a consequence of our intervention in Iraq so we have a lot of responsibility. We should be the ones taking in millions of refugees.

I have been waiting for this since Jimmy Carter’s Presidency was overthrown by the Bush Machine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Paul de Jong