Hillary Clinton is the Wall Street Fracking Queen

The Wall Street Fracking Queen (#WSFQ), Hillary Clinton, is in many ways more dangerous than the Trump Monster because she will destroy the movement awakened by the Bernie Sanders candidacy whereas the Trump Monster would stoke a fire under it. WSFQ will zap all the energy out of the movement that has been awoken by the Bernie Sanders campaign and it will be at least 8 years until we would get another crack a getting a more liberal candidate in office again and this would result in a large windfall for the Republican Party. Sure there will be some lip service to continuing the movement, but it will essentially be DOA if the WSFQ takes over the White House. The Republicans will gain even more power in the US Senate and the US House of Congress. I for one, was still licking my wounds from the 2008 Obama letdown, which delayed my starting up with the Sanders campaign. Hillary Clinton is the Wall Street Fracking Queen!

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised –Bernie Sanders 2016… The best campaign bumper sticker I seen to date. It says so much about what is going on.

Mother Earth does not have time for 8 years of Fracking Queen politics and if you don’t think that the oil industry and Wall Street control the WSFQ then just consider that the CFO of her campaign is an 18 year Goldman Sachs executive… the same one that shielded all of his Wall Street buddies from any real consequences after the 2008 crash, i.e. Gary Gensler. Wall Street calls him the “fierce regulator”, but he was really the ‘Wall Street get out of jail free card’ and he is now one of WSFQ’s top advisors. The Wall Street Fracking Queen was the #1 sales person of fracking technology to the World. #WallStreetFrackingQueen #WSFQ

The worse case scenario for the movement’s progression is WSFQ, because her candidacy will zap all of the energy out of it. The Trump Monster will be bad news, but at least he will have an energizing effect on the movement. You and I may both not like the Trump answer, but you know that what I am saying here is true…even if it SUCKS!

The only answer to this problem is for Bernie Sanders to become the nominee and if he doesn’t become the nominee he needs to team up with Jill Stein and just let the DNC be crushed by the fat cats that are sitting on top of it. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for WSFQ and is a vote to either kill the progressive movement or for the Trump Monster and both scenarios SUCK! There is absolutely no strategic reason to vote for HC during the primaries. It is therefore very important that you get out and vote for Bernie Sanders during the primary even if there is no chance he can actually win the pledged vote.
#FeelTheBern #Sanders2016 #SandersOrBust

Hillary Clinton -- Wall Street Fracking Queen

Here are the 3 scenarios:

  1. Bernie Sanders is on the November ballot. Voters will show up in droves to vote and progressive candidates will win up and down the voter slate. If Bernie Sanders is on the ballot in a majority of the States HE WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER regardless of which party affiliation is next to his name. The progressive movement would become much stronger and progressives would gain control of the House and Senate. Progressive politics would get a HUGE boost Worldwide. This is the only sane scenario.
  2. Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot and WSFQ wins in November. WSFQ’s appointments would be very, very telling: Goldman Sachs would continue to run Wall Street, Monsanto would continue to run the FDA, a few bones would be thrown to the Black Lives Matter movement, but there wouldn’t be any meat on those bones, fracking would become the environmental answer to the Planet’s demise, the war on Islam would continue, we could potentially go to war with Iran, the War of Drugs would be big business as usual and it would be 8+ years before the movement gets back on track. This is the worst case scenario.
  3. Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot and Donald Trump wins. The Trump Monster would have a very hard time getting anything done, since no one would truly have his back. The United States loses the respect of leaders everywhere, but the progressive movement is energized and Elizabeth Warren would win the White House in 2020.

Participation required: Phonebank NOW if you want Bernie Sanders as your next President!

Are you pro fracking or do you believe we should get serious about fighting global warming? Do you believe in the apartheid take what you want policies of the Israeli occupied territories or are you pro peace between Palestine and Israel? Do you believe in trickle down economics or do you believe we should work towards a slightly more equitable system where wealthy individuals and companies pay their fair share instead of evading taxes via shell corporations in Panama? Do you believe in the War on Drugs and throw away the key policing or do you believe that black lives matter? Do you believe that what someone says is more important than what someone does or do you believe that integrity is important?

These are some of the key differences between a Hillary Clinton and a Bernie Sanders Presidency and NOW is your time to be heard on these issues. After the primaries are over it will be too late. The winner takes all and the stakes could not be higher!

Feeling powerless? It is a self fulfilling prophecy and if you do nothing than Hillary Clinton, the Trump monster or Doctor Strangelove Cruz will become our next President. Complaining after the election about the choice other people made for you is pointless. Not voting means you voted for whomever the winner is. Now is your chance to participate in the election process and to let your voice be heard loud and clear. In fact, participation is the best way to be heard and your voice counts many, many times during the primary than it does during the main election in November. This is a historic moment and you can be a part of it. In fact, participation is required if you want to make a difference. Phonebank NOW if you want Bernie Sanders as your next President or forever hold your peace!

If you think you do not have any power to change the World, then you are right, because it is a self fulfilling prophecy! What you do in the next few weeks will determine the kind of World we will live in for the next 10+ years, so if you want to make a differance go to http://map.berniesanders.com/ now and sign up for a phonebank event near you. Tomorrow and Monday are CRITICAL so take this amazing opportunity and help make a difference and get Bernie Sanders into the White House!

These are just a few of the glaring differences between HC and Bernie Sanders and this is the choice before us now. Participation required NOW if you want Bernie Sanders as your President! You can stand back and let CNN, the CATO Institute and the DNC decide for you or you can reach out and help make common sense prevail. Commit to phonebanking for at least a few hours between now and the Tuesday primary in New York if you want to make a difference!

Here is what the USA will look like less than 100 years from now if we do nothing and a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for doing nothing on this issue!

Global Warming means no more East Coast of Florida!

Superdelegate Coup Hoax

The superdelegate coup is a hoax put on by the DNC and the corporate media establishment with the goal of demoralizing the Bernie Sander supporters in an effort to discourage them from getting out the vote during the Democratic State primaries.

In 2008 the DNC and the corporate media establishment did not want Barack Obama to win at this point in the election cycle either and they were playing the same game. Then during the Democratic Convention the superdelegates followed the pledged delegates and got behind the popular selection established by the Democratic State primaries.

The fact remains, however that if the superdelegates where to overturn the popular vote in July during the Democratic convention, the Democratic Party would have a REAL PROBLEM! And the problem would not just affect the presidential race. Democrats at every level would be severely hurt by such a moronic, self destructive move. The Democratic Party would be severely damaged going into the general election and Jill Stein of the Green Party would be the likely beneficiary, getting 3-5% of the vote; probably enough to ensure a Republican win.

Primary Math Sans Superdelegate Coup Hoax

As of Monday, March 7, 2016 the primary math to a Bernie Sanders win is pretty simple. At this time Bernie Sanders has 480 pledged delegates to 675 for Hillary Clinton. That is a difference of 195 pledged delegates. Of the 4051 total available pledge delegates 1155 have been assigned to date so there are 2896 left to pledge in the remaining primaries. 195 is 6.7% of 2896 so if Bernie Sanders wins the remaining states by an average of 6.8% or better he will be the nominee.

If there is a tie the unpledged delegates will clearly go for Hillary Clinton.

Another way to state this is if Bernie Sanders ties Hillary Clinton on average during all the remaining states and wins California by 41 points, Bernie Sanders wins the primary election. The article Bernie’s Narrow Path to Victory: a Statistical Analysis has a more nuanced State by State analysis of a path to a Bernie Sanders Democratic Primary win sans the superdelegate hoax.

Debunk the Superdelegate Coup Hoax--Bernie’s Narrow Path to Victory: a Statistical Analysis
Counter Punch: Bernie’s Narrow Path to Victory: a Statistical Analysis

Superdelegate Coup Realness

Currently the DNC and the corporate media are using the unpledged delegates to discourage the Bernie Sanders supporters from getting out the vote. It is pretty clear, however that if Bernie Sanders ends up winning the pledge delegate race the unpledged delegates will need to back Bernie Sanders or the Democratic Party will self destruct the 2016 election. Overthrowing the popular primary vote would not only hurt the presidential race, but it would filter down to every Democrat in the running, so the convention floor will not let that happen, just like they didn’t in 2008.


Dealing with a Trump Troll

Be on the lookout for Trump Trolls! Trump Trolls are everywhere. While it is never a good idea to feed a Trump Troll, they can help one crystallize thoughts. Too bad thoughts are wasted on Trump Trolls, so I decided to turn my response into a Think of a Solution blog post in the hope that some thoughtful reader could get some value from it.

From Wikipedia Internet troll In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.

I recently got caught in a comment feed flame war with a Trump Troll in a Facebook comment debate. The Trump Troll said something that I thought was simply a misguided statement so I responded. It took a while before I realized that I was dealing with a Trump Troll! It is never a good idea to feed a Trump Troll so once I realized what I was dealing with I stopped following the conversation. Damn I hate Trump Trolls, but I did put a lot of thought into my response to his initial assertion which boiled down to that it really does not matter who becomes president. Here was my response to that.

So you are saying that Ronald Reagan did not really make a difference in policy vs if President Jimmy Carter would have had a second term. Are you saying that George Bush Jr would have been the same as Al Gore on a policy level not to mention foreign affairs? Are you saying that Bill Clinton had nothing to do with the CFMA and Glass–Steagall the two main causes of the 2008 collapse AND can you even comprehend the implications of the FACT that the person who helped Bill Clinton get the CFMA to become the law of the land is now the CFO of Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Are you even aware that there are currently 4 superior court judges 77+ in age and that it REALLY matters who the President is when the judges retire or pass away?

President Barack Obama is finishing his administration the way Bernie Sanders will start it. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has never pandered to the right. Period. The job that is being ignored right now is changing the makeup of the House and the Senate, which is the key component to getting anything worthwhile to happen. And if you do not think a president can write policy then you should consider getting some more accurate political science books or you could just listen to the news…what do you think is going on in Washington between Barack Obama and the House of Congress now?

The near 100% media blackout of the Bernie Sanders campaign followed by assertions meant to demoralize his base is arguably the primary cause leading to Hillary Clinton’s 20% lead at this time and don’t think the Bernie Sanders supporters are going to forget it in November. A vote for Hillary now is a vote for Donald later, like it or not. Bernie Sanders can still win this race and will do much better than Hillary in November. The superdelegates are just the latest conspiracy aimed at demoralizing the Bernie Sanders base. Just like in 2008 they are not set until the convention which is in July. A good showing on the West Coast will more than make up for the current delegate difference, so all Bernie Sanders has to do now is not fall further behind and the makeup of the upcoming primaries are in states that will favor Bernie over Hillary.


If you are not keeping up with things, here are a few of the concerns people have with Hillary. http://thinkofasolution.com/2016/02/is-hillary-clinton-evil/

His response was “That is exactly what I am saying, they are all the same and it doesn’t matter who you vote for.” Then he got nasty and said some even more off the wall bs, at which point I realized that I had stepped into a Trump Troll’s trap, so I unfollowed the conversation. F-ing TROLLS SUCK!

Please do not feed a Trump Troll!

Your thoughts are wasted on a Trump Troll!
Trump Troll
Your Perception Is Not Reality: Why We Need a Troll (Trump) as President.

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Black Lives Matter

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Black Lives Matter

On the topic of Black Lives Matter and the Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders historical record for the cause, Rap artist Killer Mike delivers a beautiful and powerful speech. Rapper Killer Mike contrasts Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders when faced with Black Lives Matters protesters interrupting their respective speeches. Bernie Sanders who helped lead anti segregation protests in 1962 and chained himself to a black woman in a protest in 1963 while Hillary Clinton was a Barry Goldwater Republican. To be fair, Hillary Clinton is no longer a Barry Goldwater Republican, but the Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders contrast in dealing with these protesters speaks volumes. This is a GREAT 1:33 minute video that is a must watch!

Bernie Sanders WAS part of the civil rights movement in the early 60s and here is some original footage from the Chicago Tribune 1963 archive showing Bernie Sanders in action. Bernie Sanders has verified that it is indeed him in the video.

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders
then vs now

While Bernie Sanders was protesting segregation in the 60s, Hillary Clinton was a Barry Goldwater Republican. In the 80s while Hillary Clinton was on the board of Wal Mart, Bernie Sanders was busy creating community land trusts to help the homeless people as the Mayor of Burlington Vermont. Bernie Sanders has been consistent and forthright his entire life, Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has had scandal after scandal after scandal. Bernie Sanders has been consistent and honest his entire life; Hillary Rodham-Clinton has been flip-flopping then back peddling and then outright lying about what her stance was because it does not happen to fit her story at the time. There are COUNTLESS videos online that catch her in the act and yet she keeps on doing it. Google it if you don’t believe me; it’s mind boggling!

This is also a more general narrative throughout their respective lives. In 1970 Bernie Sanders supported gay marriage whereas Hillary Clinton was against it in until 2013. Bernie Sanders has come out for the legalization of marijuana at the federal level; Hillary Clinton is still against it. It is a long list, so here is a video that shows a few examples of the Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders relative morality and consistency with respect to those morals.

Is Hillary Clinton Evil?

Is Hillary Clinton Evil? Well, Peter Schweitzer's new book, 'Clinton Cash' exposes some lucrative deals involving Hillary's time as Secretary of State. The complicated influence peddling will remind voters of the Clinton's history of shady deal making.
Is Hillary Clinton Evil? Well, Peter Schweitzer’s new book, ‘Clinton Cash’ exposes some lucrative deals involving Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. The complicated influence peddling will remind voters of the Clinton’s history of shady deal making. Image posted with the kind permission from Gary Varvel.

NOTE: Watch the video below…it answers the question “Is Hillary Clinton evil?” in a clear way accentuating the fact that her deception is current and ongoing.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have made a combined $153 MILLION in speakers fees between 2001 and 2013. Then in the runup to Hillary Clinton’s 2015 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton made a whopping $21 MILLION from 92 speeches between April 2013 and March 2015! Will Hillary Clinton be influenced by this money? Will Hillary Clinton do what she is saying during her campaign or will she do what Barack Obama did in 2008 and give more weight to the large corporations who gave her the $21M in personal income in the past 2 years and then later also contributed heavily to her campaign. Is Hillary Clinton Evil? You decide!

ISIS is not our biggest fear; its politicians like the Clinton’s that want to maintain the corporate gravy train, while the horrors of “…racism, poverty, and militarism…” ravish a nation. Lara DeLuz

The question “Is Hillary Clinton Evil?” gets under a Hillary Clinton supporters skin and they try to defend her, so it is not a good opening proposition to a discussion. It is in my opinion, however a very true statement when one considers the consequences as well as the intent of her actions. How many lives have been ruined by the Clintons thirstless greed. How much has the $153 million in speakers fees given to the Clinton’s as a result of favors President Bill Clinton did for big business cost the economy and how many people have lost their homes and their entire livelihood or had their lives destroyed as a result. How many people have needlessly gone to jail. Think about these things and then decide for yourself what your definition of evil is and if you think that Hillary Clinton is truly evil or not.

Maybe you are thinking that Bill Clinton was not as evil as Ronald Reagan or either one of the Bush’s and maybe that is true. But the question is still valid. Is Hillary Clinton evil? Here are a few examples that may help you decide if you consider Hillary Clinton evil or just a normal politician.

Some might argue that it’s unfair to judge Hillary Clinton for the policies her husband championed years ago. But Hillary wasn’t picking out china while she was first lady. She bravely broke the mold and redefined that job in ways no woman ever had before. She not only campaigned for Bill; she also wielded power and significant influence once he was elected, lobbying for legislation and other measures. That record, and her statements from that era, should be scrutinized. In her support for the 1994 crime bill, for example, she used racially coded rhetoric to cast black children as animals. “They are not just gangs of kids anymore,” she said. “They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.” [1] Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote via @thenation article

Is Hillary Clinton Evil? There are at least 100 examples of why Hillary Clinton is truly an evil person, but that broad argument is too easily discounted. Here is one clear easy to understand example showing that this is her current direction and not just a thing of the past. This 5 minute video is a must watch:

Is Hillary Clinton evil elevator pitch

WHY ARE WE EVEN COMPARING BERNIE SANDERS TO HILLARY CLINTON! Bernie Sanders’s record is impeccable and Hillary Clinton’s record is impeachable. Hillary Clinton is EVIL with scandal after scandal and criminal activity after criminal activity. She has shown a complete lack of morals and displayed poor judgement time and time again. Bernie Sanders has not had a single scandal during his entire career!

President Jimmy Carter Voting record

Contrary to what the Republican rewrite of history would have you believe, President Jimmy Carter was in fact, one of the most productive Presidents we have had in the last 50+ years. He got more legislation through than any of the Republican or Democrats since. If President Jimmy Carter had had a second term we would probably not be worried about Global Warming now! He did not start any wars. He raised the minimum wage. Check out the videos below to learn more.

Jimmy Carter interview on getting legislation through (Starting at 3:20):

Here is Thom Hartmann talking about how things would have been different:
What if Carter’s Second Term Hadn’t Been Stolen? p1

What if Carter’s Second Term Hadn’t Been Stolen? p2

Yes, Let’s Talk…Thanks for daring to say it Bernie Sanders!

Imperialism has been a “gift that keeps on giving” that Europe has imposed on the World for centuries and it did not start there, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could move beyond that in the Twenty First Century! One of the BIG and I MEAN HUUUUUGE! differences between the foreign policies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is that Hillary Clinton wants to keep the status quo going and Bernie Sanders wants to emphasise dialogue.

I will do a series of articles on this topic including my thoughts on our relationship with Russia several countries in South America, but this article will focus on Iran.

Iran has played a very large role in US politics since 1980. It could be argued that some rather trivial mistakes made by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, mostly as a result of listening to bad advisors…a topic worth another set of articles…, led to the hostage crisis and gave ex-head of the CIA George Bush the opening he needed to orchestrate the October Surprise that ended up being the deciding factor in the 1980 election that brought the Reagan/Bush era into existence. It is hard to overstate what a drastic negative impact that had on the United States and World Politics in General.

This series of videos gives you a good overview of the history behind our current situation with Iran. Kind of a must watch.

Iran and The West 1/3: The Man Who Changed The World – BBC (Feb 7, 2009)

Iran and The West 2/3: The Pariah State – BBC (Feb 14, 2009)

Iran and The West 3/3: Nuclear Confrontation – BBC (Feb 21, 2009)
Episode 3 is the most telling regarding the current situation. The Bush administration was blocking any semblance of trust and Iran returned the favor by electing a hardline regime so the negotiations simply could not happen. Even when Iran was willing to talk, the Bush administration just put a line in the sand and when the Iranians complied the US moved the line. The film was made in 2009, so it ends with Obama extending a hand to the Iranians so now there is an agreement. But once again, the Republicans are trying to undermine it. If they do it will end in tears for everyone involved. The bottom line is: The Republicans SUCK!

The Truth Behind The Iran Nuclear Talks
And here is an interesting and ironic twist to the entire situation.

Sanders on Human Rights

From the article:
19 Examples of Bernie Sanders’ Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights Since the 1950s–From fighting segregation to standing against police violence.

  1. Raising Money For Korean Orphans while in High School!
  2. Being Arrested For Desegregation while in College.
  3. Calling For Full Gay Equality 40 years ago!
  4. Standing Up For Victims Of U.S. Imperialism In Latin America in 1985.
  5. Condemned And Opposed Welfare Reform and Dog Whistle Politics implemented and supported by President Bill Clinton.
  6. Vocally Condemned and Opposed “Tough on Crime” policies his entire career.
  7. Voted Against Cutting Off Prisoners From Federal Education Funds in the 90’s.
  8. Took the IMF, the Clinton administration and Robert Rubin over workers rights in Indonesia.
  9. A 93 percent rating from the ACLU and a 97% rating by the NAACP.
  10. Voted Against the PATRIOT Act: The USA PATRIOT Act.
  11. Opposed Both Iraq Wars.
  12. Sanders practices “solidarity politics” organizing to protect workers in “both” countries.
  13. Endorsed Jesse Jackson.
  14. Speaks Up For Palestinians.
  15. Strongly Condemns Police Violence.
  16. Embraced Immigrants When Hillary Clinton Refused To Talk To Them.
  17. Defender of the Voter Rights Act.
  18. Fights Against Employment Discrimination for LGBT Communities.
  19. Has a Detailed Plan to End Economic Crisis in Minority Communities

As Mayor, U.S. House of Representative Member and Senator of the State of Vermont, these were not issues that were high on the agenda of his constituents, so that fact that he has consistently made these issues such a high priority over the years speaks Volumes.

Letter to Black Movement Law Project regarding Hillary Clinton Endorsement

While listening to an interview with Nicole Lee of the Black Movement Law Project on the KPFA Hard Knocks Radio show, I was surprised to hear that the Black Movement Law Project has chosen to endorse Hillary Clinton, given Hillary Clinton’s dismal record of race related issues. Here is the letter I wrote to Nicole:
Dear Nicole Lee,
The office of the President in this country is very, very important and anyone who claims otherwise only needs to consider Jimmy Carter proudly boasts that he raised the minimum wage and that there was not a single bomb dropped while he was President, versus the Reagan/Bush years where there was scandal after scandal and wars after war. Jimmy Carter waged a war on poverty, Ronald Reagan waged a war on the poor and minorities and Black America was firmly in the crosshairs. The President sets the mood of the country in so many ways and this November is CRITICAL so I am hoping you will carefully consider what I have to say in this email.
I was listening to you talk on Hard Knocks radio and I was very concerned. I too am very tired of compromising who I vote for, but a third party is not the answer. Although the democratic party is a machine that needs to be broken, the way to break it is to infiltrate it rather than to oppose it. I HATE the Tea Party, but look at what they have done to the Republican Party. They infiltrated it and now every single one of the republican candidates is acting like a Tea Party puppet. And here is the thing…it is happening to the democratic party now. What Bernie Sanders has done by entering the race is to shift the debate so that topics like poverty, inequality, honesty and fairness are the main topics. These would not be the topics of discussion if Bernie Sanders was not in the race. Bernie Sanders is setting the agenda and the agenda he is setting will overwhelmingly benefit black lives and the Black Lives Matter movement’s goals. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Arrested in 1962 for protesting segregation in public schools in Chicago.
  • Strongly against the so called welfare reform implemented under President Bill Clinton’s watch.
  • Sanders has long been a critic of “tough on crime” policies saying “let’s not keep putting poor people into jail and disproportionately punishing blacks”.
  • Sanders came out for Black Lives Matter before Hillary CLinton ever spoke about the issue.
  • Called For End to War On Drugs, For-Profit Prisons and Migrant Detention Quotas.
  • In 2002, he achieved a 93 percent rating from the ACLU and a 97% rating by the NAACP in 2006.
  • Community policing, hold the police accountable etc….things he has been talking about for 20+ years: https://youtu.be/oNeK-mFnJK0?t=15m34s
  • Bernie Sanders’s net worth is $350,000. He is not interested in getting rich.
The fact that he has done so much for civil and minority rights despite the fact that his constituency is not one that would naturally demand it speaks to his character and wide empathy that isn’t shared by many politicians.
Hillary Clinton’s long term record is not so good, especially when you look at her actions rather than her words.
There are no credible scandals involving Bernie Sanders. He has worked on racial issues his entire life and for the past 28 years as a very small minority of the House (16 yrs) or the Senate (12 yrs).
We are at a very important junction. It is CRITICAL to get EVERY voter out to vote in November. Only a MASSIVE VOTER TURNOUT will result in the Democratic party regaining the House and the Senate and that is the only way either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will get anything done. I do not even want to think about what will happen over the next 4 years in the Republicans keep the House and the Senate AND win the White House!
The media likes to claim that Bernie Sanders is singularly focused on one issue, but this is definitely not true. Yes, Bernie Sanders is laser focused on creating jobs for low income, minorities and youth, breaking up the predatory banks the kicked so many to the curb, universal single payer health care, free education for all AND prison reform. The prison reform parts of his speeches are not new, he has been saying them for years. He has also been talking about demilitarizing the police, community policing and holding law enforcement officers accountable for their crimes. He has speeches on this topic dating back to the 90’s and he spoke on those issues even before BLM took over his campaign speech in Seattle. AND I agree that was actually a good move because it got both candidates to talk about BLM more, but it will only help if the voter base is rallied to participate rather than discouraged.
Bernie Sanders is not a business as usual candidate. The MOST IMPORTANT thing we all need to do is get people to the voting booth in November. If the Republicans maintain their position things are going to get a whole lot worse for everybody except the 1%. If we can mobilize all of the various communities to get out the vote and we succeed in taking back the House and the Senate, then and only then will Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton be able to help the Black Lives movement.
Reality check: How is Bernie Sanders going to achieve all of this? Well the fact is that he won’t get these things done right away, but he has proven that he is in it for the long haul. If you watch the debates carefully one thing that is crystal clear is that Bernie Sanders is not trying to one up Hillary Clinton, he says the minimum he needs to say to address the whatever attack she presented and then he goes straight back to his agenda. His agenda is no secret and he will keep saying these things once he is in office.
It can only happen if he gets a MASSIVE voter turnout in November. If we all really motivate our bases we can all influence people who are on the fence to get out and vote for democrats at all levels of the government. We need to get OUR candidates in office, the ones that ACTUALLY CARE about Black Lives Matter not the ones who are just speaking to the issues like the Republicans are famous for and something that Hillary Clinton is frequently guilty of but Bernie Sanders is clearly not guilty of. There may not be good candidates everywhere, but over time the bar will be raised if the public is there.
Paul de Jong